ARTISTS’ STATEMENTS FROM THE CREATORS OF TRACY QUEEN Lynsey G: The story behind Tracy Queen is a little complicated. I wanted to write a book that would be a culmination of my thoughts on sex-positivity, pornography, feminism, and humanism. For me, all these topics are rolled up into a complicated set of passions. I have written for and about the adult entertainment industry since 2007 as a copy writer, a reviewer, a critic, an interviewer, and an interested party, and I’ve become fervently dedicated to championing the need for sex-positivity in this sector, as well as in society at large. I believe that sex can either be a powerful unifying force or a strongly divisive one, and that unification is always better than division. I think that pornography, particularly the stuff made by feminists, queers, and other revolutionaries, has the capacity to help unify us. And I was looking for a way to bring all these ideas together in a book, but I hadn’t found the right way to do it. And then I met Tracy. Well, sort of. The character came to me as a fictionalized version of a real woman I know, whose life was the closest thing [...]