The ALA has its Pantalets in a Twist | Tracy Lawson Author
We just arrived home from our 30th wedding anniversary trip. We both enjoy baseball and history, and so Bob planned various stops with plenty of both over 2,800 miles from Dallas to Fargo, ND. Along the way, we saw all the places Laura Ingalls Wilder ever lived. We spent the better part of a week steeped in Laura lore, and I loved every minute of it. This morning, I saw the news that The American Library Association is removing Laura Ingalls Wilder's name from its children's book award because one of her characters expressed bigotry. I've written posts about the Little House books in the past, and felt the need to weigh in again. The ALA has its pantalets in a twist. In the Little House books, Laura's mother and father had different attitudes and fears. Her father, Charles, was an optimist who seldom worried and had faith that everything would turn out for the best. Her mother, Caroline, who, unlike Charles, had seen hardship, tragedy, and want as a young child, felt the fear that