Home Office Goes from Meh to Wow! | Tracy Lawson Author
I've moved four times in seven years. In 2013, we moved to Dallas and downsized from a four-bedroom Tudor in Ohio with a basement to a two-bedroom bungalow in Dallas in a neighborhood where basements are not a thing. I had to let go of a lot of my treasures, and even then, things were pretty cramped. When we bought a three-bedroom home in Dallas in the summer of 2015, I was thrilled to have a dedicated home office. At the home we'd been renting, my office space was an alcove off the master bedroom where the wifi signal was too weak to be useful and I could only use the printer when my husband was awake. Even though I'd seriously pared down my collection of books prior to moving to Texas, I still needed a way to store and display what I had, so I purchased unfinished wooden crates at Joann Fabrics and stained them. It was barely a step up from the plastic milk crates I'd used as a college student. I had several problems in my new office space: Stacking the wooden crates on my desk