Competiton Linky January 2018: Do you feel lucky? | Tots 100
Comping can be a lucrative hobby. All competition prizes are tax-free and therefore do not need to be declared. The prizes are yours to do what you want with. Many people enter hundreds of competitions a day and have great results. It is Maths afterall, the more you enter the more your chances of winning. What can't be known is whether the next prize is going to a big prize like cash or a holiday or a small value prize like a book. However for many that is the thrill of comping. Over the years I have won some amazing prizes, most recently a new fridge freezer. However, compers can also have a bad reputation which seems unfair. Some don't like compers entering their competitions thinking they don't want or appreciate the wins. The issue seems to be when compers enter to sell on the prizes. Do you have an issue with this? As a blogger I am happy to see compers entering my giveaways. They often engage