Writing | Tien Chiu
Book My book, Master Your Craft: Strategies for Designing, Making, and Selling Artisan Work, was published by Schiffer Publishing in July 2016. You can find more detail about Master Your Craft here, but here's a brief summary: Master Your Craft provides insights into the process of creating original work: Gathering ideas, brainstorming new designs, evaluating and evolving your work in progress, and critiquing your finished projects. It also contains guidelines for design, so you can make your work visually effective, useful, and practical to create. Finally, it offers suggestions for growing as an artist: Finding your voice, developing your skills, selling your work, and making craftwork a career. Master Your Craft is drawn from interviews with 22 master artisans, fused with industrial new-product design techniques and my own experience as a fiber artist. Packed with insights from glassworkers, ceramicists, woodworkers, fiber artists, metalworkers, and more, it provides a