About | Tien Chiu
I'm a textile artist, a teacher, and a writer. I've won many awards with my weaving, I teach about visual design, and I've authored a book, Master Your Craft: Strategies for Designing, Making, and Selling Artisan Work. Teacher I'm not a natural artist, which gives me an advantage in teaching others. My background isn't in art, but science. I was raised by an astrophysicist and a biochemist, studied math at Caltech, and spent twenty years managing high-tech projects (everything from web development to aerospace). While I describe myself as a "recanted software project manager and apostate math major," I still look at art through a scientist's eyes. In particular, I feel that analyzing visual design using a scientist's toolbox makes it easier to understand and to teach art. Many people believe that being an artist requires innate gifts, and that if you don't have those gifts, you can't do art no matter how hard you try. This myth destroys a lot of artists before they can even begin.