Dye adventures | Tien Chiu's Blog
The last few weeks have been jam-packed, so I'm going to tell the story over a few blog posts. This one is about my Anything-Worth-Doing-Is-Worth-Overdoing Procion MX dye sample project. The adventure started with a trip to spend Christmas with my family. The first challenge was packing for the trip. In addition to five fruitcakes, Christmas gifts, and clothes, I needed to pack 500 ten-gram skeins of cotton dye samples from the massive sample-dyeing project I did over the summer. My friend Carla and I had agreed to split the work: I would dye all 1500 skeins, and she would wind two sets of dye sample cards, one for me and one for her. She had wound 1,000 skeins onto cards already; I was bringing her the last 500 skeins. Which, of course, meant figuring out how to pack it. For the uninitiated, 500 ten-gram skeins is a LOT of yarn. If you're wondering how much, here's a picture showing one set of samples - 250 skeins. 500 skeins, of course, is double that volume. We're talking a giant