Cat-iversary #3! | Tien Chiu's Blog
Facebook reminded me today (how could I possibly have forgotten?) that today is our three-year cat-iversary! Yes, it's been exactly three years since we adopted a pair of adorable kittens, who grew into our beautiful Fritz and mischievous Tigress. Here they are on Adoption Day: I can't resist a few more baby pictures. They were such cute kittens! And then, of course, they grew into equally active teenagers: Alas, they did have their flaws. We had to counsel Fritz about the dangers of shoe-sniffing: which led to binge drinking: and petty theft: But on the whole, they were happy, beautiful, delightfully mischievous kittens and young cats. And how are they now? King and queen of the household, of course. But still entertaining: It's been a wonderful three years with Fritz and Tigress, and we look forward to many more!