Studying art history | Tien Chiu's Blog
It all started so innocently! I decided to read through some art criticism books so I could get a better sense of the art world and what other artists have done, especially in fiber arts. So I started Arthur C. Danto's What Art Is and Elissa Auther's String, Felt, Thread. A few pages in, though, I realized that I was in serious trouble. I have no knowledge of art history, so when Danto casually cites "the philosophy of the Fauvists," I hadn't the slightest idea what that meant. So I looked up the Fauvists, only to discover that "they were the first to break with Impressionism," another movement of which I knew nothing. As I continued tugging on the string, I discovered that the Impressionists were a reaction to another movement, which in turn grew out of another movement....and it seems more or less impossible to understand the later movements without understanding the ones before. So I went to Amazon and bought an e-textbook, History of Modern Art by H.H. Amason and Elizabeth