Phoenixes in space! | Tien Chiu's Blog
I've been playing with a few more ideas the past week - so far the best is a ghostly phoenix rising up from a giant black hole. Here's the photo that inspired the sketch (made by the federal government (NASA) and thus not subject to copyright): This offered some wonderful possibilities. The phoenix could rise out of the blue cone of light above the black hole, and thematically it would be perfect, since a black hole is the ultimate symbol of death. (A black hole exerts such a strong gravitational pull that nothing escapes it - not even light.) The black hole could also be a symbol of rebirth - some people have speculated that it might be an entry-point to another universe. Of course, since nothing survives the trip into/out of a black hole, we'll never know. So I tried some rough sketches, of which this is my favorite: Here the phoenix rises out of the cone of light around the black hole, and stretches its ghostly wings towards a galaxy just visible in the top right corner. A small