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I dove into origami over the last few days, reading up on tessellation origami as well as origami sculpture. I even folded a model or two: The models are folded out of dampened watercolor paper. Unfortunately, I rapidly discovered a problem with that medium: it is attractive to cats. Very attractive. Here is Fritz, investigating my first model: I think it was the smell that attracted him: this particular paper, dampened, smells musty, like a wet dog. Unfortunately the paper is also tasty (if you're a cat) - Fritz rapidly discovered an obsession for licking the paper. I'm pretty sure the glue in the paper isn't good for him, so the paper went onto a high shelf. The peacock fan model was only somewhat successful - I had a lot of trouble forming the curved folds. There is an origami enthusiasts' meeting near me on Saturday; I'll probably go there to ask for advice on curved folds in heavy paper. In addition to the books I mentioned in my last blog post, I remembered that I had this