Learning to draw: process and practice | Tien Chiu's Blog
I'm making a two-pronged attack on learning to draw. The first is physical: learning to manipulate pencil on paper to create a realistic-looking drawing. The second is process: understanding the steps to making a good drawing or digital painting. I hadn't realized that drawing a picture could be broken down into steps. Not having had any experience with drawing, I just assumed it was a magical process whereby an artist sits down in front of an object and a finished drawing appears. Sort of like this phase of a mathematical proof: As it happens, drawing can be broken down into logical steps: sketching the overall shape, adding more detailed lines, adding shading. They don't necessarily have to be done rigidly in that order - the process seems rather iterative, gradually building up details - but it's by no means magic. Digital painting follows a similar course, but with a bit more elaboration. You start by brainstorming a series of thumbnail sketches, with just enough detail to capture