What would you do if you could do anything? | Tien Chiu's Blog
The soon-to-arrive jacquard loom and the design freedom it will give me is a little bewildering. I'm used to working within the limitations of a shaft loom, which means I can't do any sort of complex representative imagery. And I'm not all that interested in abstract designs. So for years and years, my focus has been on designing around the limitations of the loom. This means I can do a single musk ox, but I haven't been able to do, say, a thundering herd of musk oxen rampaging through the Arctic wilderness. Now I can. My highly constrained visual vocabulary is about to become nearly limitless. So now I'm finding myself at a loss: what would I say if I could say anything? I've been working around shaft limitations so long that I don't have much practice in composition. I feel rather like a small-town girl let loose in the middle of New York City: There are so many amazing things to do and try, where does one even start? So I'm thinking about taking Jane Dunnewold's new class, Your