Marvelous marmalades, and Tien in the loom-light | Tien Chiu's Blog
This weekend was so busy that I hardly know where to start! But let's begin with marmalade... I went to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market Saturday morning - besides the weekly shopping, I managed to score some (unsprayed) pink grapefruit, Eureka lemons, and (hallelujah!) white guavas. White guavas have a wonderful fragrance and a deliciously floral taste - quite different from the regular pink guavas and 1000% better than the guava juice you find in stores. And I had a recipe for white guava/Meyer lemon marmalade. So what could I do? I bought five pounds. At the farmer's market, I met up with my weaving friend Alfred, who was coming down to play on Emmy. I drove us back to Sunnyvale, where we met another weaving friend, Carla, who was visiting from Maryland. Carla showed us her incredible double weave samples. She's playing with color-and-weave double weave on two blocks, and the results are just amazing. And on only eight shafts! I may have to try this myself. Anyway, we got Alfred set