Hello, world! | Tien Chiu's Blog
My friend Alfred and I spent ten hours yesterday working on Emmy - figuring out some last adjustments, then winding, beaming, threading, and sleying her inaugural warp. Here it is - three hundred ends of 30/2 silk, 16 yards long, 10 inches wide: We had the usual setting-up problems - some crossed threads, etc. - plus shaft #17 was floating for no reason I could particularly fathom. As a result, we didn't get everything resolved yesterday evening, despite working late into the night. But I got up this morning, and...ta-daa! Emmy's working!! Hurray!! Having woven "Hello world!", I felt entitled to throw the inaugural weft: two picks of an antique Japanese thread made with real gold. Alfred had brought it from his treasure stash, and we thought a pick or two of real gold thread would be the most elegant way to christen a loom. (And much less messy than smashing a bottle of champagne!) So there you have it: Emmy is ready to weave! I'm super excited - it's been almost exactly two months