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It's been an action-packed week, and I'm still recovering! My mom visited, and I helped her with some Photoshop stuff, and helped her set up her blog. We finished the center section of the quilt (more on that later). And we did "dueling restaurants" on Wednesday and Thursday last week, going to Manresa on Wednesday and The French Laundry on Thursday. A friend had told me that Manresa was better than The French Laundry, which I found hard to imagine, so we agreed that we would try both. The verdict? Both restaurants had excellent food, but The French Laundry, unsurprisingly, won hands down. Manresa had a more imaginative menu with a more whimsical presentation - for example, the salad course came out on a plate with two hands printed on it, cupping the salad as if it were just torn from the earth. And it came complete with speckles of "dirt" (spices) on the side - very cool! They presented twelve imaginative courses, all of which were excellent, as you would expect from such a highly