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Had a couple of friends over today to play in the dyepots. Mostly we did tie-dye, but some cotton and silk yarns got dyed, too (and turned out gorgeous!). And a wonderful time was had by all! I only dyed two shirts and some socks, but was very pleased with the results. One shirt is still drying (a simple turquoise/fuchsia/purple scrunch dye), but here is the other, which is now my new Favorite Shirt: Tien's first attempt at a mandala T-shirt I had always wanted to dye stars/mandalas, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Then I saw an awesome book at Dharma Trading Company, How to Tie-Dye Stars, and bought it. It took me a long time to figure out how to tie them and apply dyes, but oh! the results were totally worth it. I have one more T-shirt which is tied and ready for dyeing; I'll dye it tomorrow morning, using the leftover dyes. And here is an awesome pair of socks, the result of mixing Royal Blue and Golden Yellow: scrunch-dyed blue/gold socks Meanwhile, in Phoenix Rising land,