Rigid heddle sampler | Tien Chiu's Blog
Here's the beginning of my rigid heddle sampler: rigid heddle experiments Here I was playing with materials (unspun wool roving), textures (furry vs. fuzzy vs. smooth), and a little bit with color (orange/purple and yellow/purple). Like much of my work, the purpose of this sample isn't to be a finished work, but an exploration of materials and ideas - taking a concept and playing with it, developing it into something that can be used in a later piece. What I plan to ask students to do is to select some materials and just play with them - not trying to make a finished piece, not worrying about whether it will work or not. Just playing with ideas and what-ifs. At the end of the exploration period, I'll ask the students to write down thoughts about their explorations - what they liked, what didn't, how they could improve the parts that they didn't like, and how they might use some of the things they explored in actual pieces. For this example, my notes went something like this: What I