Start over? | Tien Chiu's Blog
I beamed on both warps yesterday, which took about three hours. It could have been quicker, except that I had to line up the warps carefully so the marked-off lines coincided: Unfortunately, I ran into serious problems with the yellow pattern warp, which had tangled badly, resulting in this mess: See the loose threads? I think those are going to be a nightmare to weave. As a result, I'm seriously considering discarding these two warps and starting over. This fills me with the amount of enthusiasm you'd expect (none whatsoever) - but I'm balancing the loss of warp-winding and dyeing time against the struggle to weave a poorly-tensioned warp in fine threads. If I were dealing with a few loose threads in 10/2 cotton, it wouldn't be a big deal; in a 12" section there would only be about 400 threads, and I could identify and fix the loose ones easily. However, we're not talking 10/2 cotton: we're talking 60/2 silk, nearly 500 fine threads that will break if a shuttle smacks into them.