Handwoven articles; planning the next sample | Tien Chiu's Blog
I'm pleased to say that the new Handwoven magazine (Jan/Feb issue) is out! This one contains not one, but two articles by me - one on Complex Weavers (p. 14) and one on my Celtic Braid Cape (p. 59). Check it out! I'm considering what to do with the rest of the sample warp. I hate to simply cut it off, because it took a lot of time to get it onto the loom, and there are still several yards of warp left. However, it definitely has problems; there are a lot of threads dangling at the back of the loom, which makes advancing a pain, and I'm experiencing a lot of broken threads, which may be from tension problems, since the two warps are tensioned separately. I'm inclined to cut it off and wind a new sample warp. I'm still thinking about what I'd like to sample in the next warp. I definitely want to try gradient colored phoenixes (red, orange, yellow) phoenixes on a black background. I also want to try painting the warp on the loom - making the background swirls of red and orange, with