Chocolate season approacheth | Tien Chiu's Blog
This year's chocolate extravaganza is scheduled for Nov 21-24, with the chocolate packing party on November 25. That's still about two months out, but because I like to trial my new flavors well in advance, I want to get started in the next month or so. Also, for various reasons, it makes sense for me to do my chocolate shopping now. I am, of course, facing the usual dilemma, which is that I can only stuff 28 flavors into a box of chocolates. There are always far more flavors that I want to try, especially since half the flavors in any given year are repeats - either my favorites or the favorites of people close to me. (Gotta keep my friends happy!) So I ruthlessly weed out the flavors that aren't so fantastic - making the next year's decisions that much harder. Anyway, here is the current lineup: Fudges (all favorites from last year): Chocolate macadamia (or some other variant of chocolate fudge) White chocolate, lavender, Meyer lemon Coconut tequila lime Coconut almond fudge