Simulation of cross-dyed double katazome | Tien Chiu's Blog
I did some Photoshop simulations of cross-dyed double katazome - my shorthand for "katazome on the warp and on the finished fabric". Â This simulates what happens when you do katazome on a cellulose warp, weave the fabric with a protein-fiber weft, and then do katazome on the finished fabric using acid dyes (which will dye the protein fiber weft but not the cellulose warp). These simulations are, obviously, just simulations. Â It's hard to know exactly what the finished fabric will look like, since crepe weaves crinkle up when washed and real fabric doesn't look like pixels on a screen. Â Nonetheless, these are encouraging! Â Here are some examples using a split complementary color scheme with different structures. In this one, I used a 2-2 twill structure, made warp and weft slightly different colors in the background, but kept the two colors identical to produce a "solid" color in the feathers/leaves. Â (Click in for a close-up; it's hard to really appreciate the pattern except at