(Re)introducing Audrey II | Tien Chiu's Blog
Perhaps you've forgotten all about the rampaging zucchini plant, last seen a few weeks ago. Or perhaps not. In any event, I thought it was time I provided an update.  The plant, which I have affectionately (?) named Audrey II (devotees of Little Shop of Horrors will understand why), is continuing to rampage.  It is also producing lots of "buds", i.e. zucchini - about 2-3 of them PER DAY.  If you consider that Mike and I eat on average two or three zucchini PER WEEK, you can understand the trepidation with which I view this flood of zucchini.  It may well be that the planet is doomed! At any rate, Audrey II is huge now.  How huge?  So large that it takes FIVE (count 'em, five) to capture its entire menace.  So if you've always wondered what a single unfettered zucchini can do, here you go: At least Audrey-the-zucchini is not yet saying "FEEEEEEED ME!"  (But I wonder what happened to the neighbors' kids...)