Pieced panels | Tien Chiu's Blog
After  four or five hours of work, I finally have the side panels pieced and cut.  And they look pretty good!  Here they are: The piecing is regular and the pattern clearly suggests a braid. Now I need to sew up the body of the jacket, recut and re-sew two lining pieces, and make a bunch of bound buttonholes in the front panel.  Then I need to attach the lining to the vest, sew in the cape, and that's it!  I'm trying to get it done this week, but it might go into early next week, because of the buttonholes. Meanwhile, my design class continues.  Inspired by the exercises, I've analyzed a bunch of my most-liked fashion photos, looking to see what characteristics appeal.  Here are some of the words I found repeating in my analysis: long flowing dynamic when moving (flash of contrast) wings soft light and airy dramatic feathers or suggested feathers more loose than structured, but with some structure (i.e. not entirely loose) asymmetric diagonal lines (add movement) And I am