Giving myself permission | Tien Chiu's Blog
I've been thinking more about the art classes, and particularly about whether I'm looking for validation or education - whether my interest is because "you can't be a real artist without an art education" or whether it's a genuine need for knowledge.  Today's blog post is about the first part - validation, or "giving myself permission". I often see people talk themselves out of doing something because they don't see themselves as the kind of person who can do it.  That is to say, "I can't draw, because only artists can draw, and I'm not an artist."  "I can't do math, because I'm a creative person, and creative people aren't good at math."  That kind of thinking suggests that success depends on innate ability, and if you don't have that ability, i.e. aren't that kind of person, you won't succeed. This way of thinking can be profoundly destructive, as many beginners mistake lack of skill (which can be improved with attentive practice) with lack of talent (which is intrinsic and