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I have been mulling over Randy Darwall's advice to study design, and have been looking around for study options. Â Unfortunately, while the Bay Area is (relatively) rich in academic textile programs, the options seem to be limited to either very expensive single classes ($4800 per class!) or full-time master's degree programs (which I also can't afford). I am therefore seriously considering the Open College of the Arts program in textiles, starting with their Level I class. Â It's a substantial time commitment, but I think it will be worthwhile to have an opportunity for structured study of textile techniques and design, with feedback on my work from a tutor. Â I need to decide in the next two weeks, though, as tuition goes up 62% (!) on September 1 due to UK budget cuts. Â I've sent a few inquiries off to their office, and will likely sign up sometime next week. I'm also considering the borderline between fine art and artwear, not from the eternal "art vs. craft?" perspective but from