Focus, honey, focus! | Tien Chiu's Blog
I've been busily at work on the book, reading through Nina Amir's How to Blog a Book and doing some of the exercises that I should have done beforehand  - things like identifying my audience, writing the mission statement and "pitch" for the book, and so on.  I've also been contemplating domain names (thanks for all the suggestions!), and I think I've settled on one: Creatingcraft.com.  To me this captures the essence of the book: creating your own craft projects.  It's also fairly catchy (love that alliteration!) and I can fine-tune the title in my subtitle.  The tentative title for the book will be Creating Craft: A Guide to Designing Your Own.  I'm currently working on the elements that would go into a book proposal, were I writing one, to get clear in my head who my audience is and what the market/competition is like.  I think there's an audience for this book - this topic is much broader and more interesting than my earlier vision, which focused on the logistics of