Dye day, prelude | Tien Chiu's Blog
I'm currently stymied on the Celtic Braid Coat (the bound buttonholes are giving me conniptions), and since it isn't due until September, I've decided to take a break for a day or two and have my dye play day today.  Techniques for the day include tie-dye, low-water immersion, tray dyeing, and ice dyeing - next week I'll go for the thickened dyes, shibori, and any remaining outfits.  I have quite a bit of dyeing to do! but it should be quite enjoyable, and a nice break. First on the agenda is seven men's button-down shirts from Dharma Trading Co.  These are made with rayon twill, and are lusciously drapey and wonderful.  (They were also on clearance!)  I'm going to experiment with tray dyeing, using the book Tray Dyeing: Exploring colour, texture, and special effects, by Leslie Morgan and Clare Benn of Committed to Cloth.  This is basically a more sophisticated variant of low-water immersion dyeing.  Then I'm going to do ice dyeing, which basically consists of arranging your