Dye Day 2 | Tien Chiu's Blog
First, some housekeeping: email notifications are now working!  Amy was nice enough to email me to let me know that it wasn't working (and apparently hadn't been for some time), so I fixed it.  If you were subscribed but no longer want to be, you can either unsubscribe from my website (the top right of the sidebar has buttons for unsubscribing), or by emailing me (my contact info is on my About Me page). Next: the fun stuff!  I got together with my friend Susanne for a dye day yesterday.  Here's what I made: This blue/green T-shirt was scrunch-dyed, in turquoise and emerald green.  I love this one - it looks like malachite! I think I put on a little too much dye for this shirt, but love the boldness of the pattern, so I like it anyway. An old T-shirt of Mike's, which was previously an atrocious shade of light blue (that wouldn't look good on anyone).  I overdyed it with Cerulean Blue.  I really like this now.  If Mike won't wear it, I will.  :-) I'm less fond of this one -