Considering the problem | Tien Chiu's Blog
Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last post!  That was very helpful. I thought things through a little more, and came up with a diagram that illustrates the problem I'm trying to solve: Anywhere in the fuchsia circle is acceptable to me, of course, but I'm striving to get more of my work into the yellow circle, too.  (Let's sidestep for now the question of what constitutes good art, and who gets to judge it!)  Extra bonus if I can get it into the intersection of all three circles. There are unanswered questions in all three problem spaces, starting with the very basic ones: What do I want to make? What are other people likely to want? (to see, buy, etc.) What makes for good art? How can I make my art better? The answer to the first question, at the most basic level, is textile art.  (This, to me, means a textile itself - like tapestry - or else an art piece made with cloth.) This helps narrow down the second question: what kinds of textile art are people likely to want