Color and value studies | Tien Chiu's Blog
My quilting design class is moving along, and I find I'm getting a lot out of it. Interestingly, there is nothing in it that I didn't already "know" from reading, but since I hadn't practiced actual designs, the exercises are proving really useful. Here is the result of some of the exercises, in color and value. First is the image I started with (the result of several other design exercises - this started as phoenix tail feathers coming to life, flying out of a rigidly painted wall: Next I played with some shading. The first value study I tried looked like this (below) - the idea was to show a progression in the feathers, starting dark and then "coming to life", progressing to white at the end. Thematically, it works, but visually, it doesn't - the big feather, which should be the focal point for the piece, doesn't have enough contrast to stand out, so the eye enters at the white background, skips the big feather, and gets drawn to the smaller ones. It just looks weird. Here