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A friend sent me a link to Joel Runyon's website, particularly his story "An Unexpected Ass-Kicking", about his chance encounter (in a coffee shop!) with computer legend Russell Kirsch.  That got me curious, so I read his followup article, "7 Things I Learned from My Encounter with Russell Kirsch", and then explored more of his website/blog.  I think we're kindred souls. One thing that particularly struck me was this post on why he is writing a blog about impossible things.  It's well worth reading.  Go on and read it; I'll wait. ... ... ... ...One of the things that really struck me on that page was this snippet: Your life is a story. Make sure it's a good one. and this slightly-longer passage: Good stories are told on the edges of reality, and impossible is right on the edge of reality, if not off the map completely. They're just far enough out there to be a little unbelievable. That's why we enjoy them.  Most possible things in life are in dead-center in reality "" that's why