Two flame drafts | Tien Chiu's Blog
Work continues to be super busy - I have two extremely demanding projects and am monitoring a third - and the path to homeownership seems to be paved with last-minute snafus, so not a lot of creative time. Â I did, however, manage to crank out two drafts: (Ignore the spots in the background design; it's actually plain weave, but the resizing is adding what looks like dots. Â Click through to the large image to see how it really looks.) Here's the other one: (Spots in the background are also an artifact of resizing; click through to the larger image.) I chose an advancing twill threading because I wanted to create images of flames, but I needed the images to be larger than I could get out of straight draw. Â Advancing the twill threading gives a blurred enlargement of what's in the liftplan - which, for fire, is just perfect. Â I did two versions, one in broken twills and one in broken twill/plain weave. Â The broken twill/plain weave one needs some work, as there are some unsightly