Second skirt prototype | Tien Chiu's Blog
I have been way too busy the last few days to do anything fiber-ish. Â Between straightening out last-minute snafus with loan documents for our house, and going to a full-day class on project management while staying on top of things at work, it's been a busy time. Â Today is going to be just as busy, but I managed to carve out one precious hour to play with fiber stuff - if I don't get to create for more than a few days I start getting really cranky, so I make time for it even if I'm totally behind on everything else. So here is the result of one precious hour: a new skirt prototype. This is constructed from squares of china silk, folded over at the corner and then gathered and hung on the bias, with bias-cut strips of silk organza and china silk dangling down in random places. While this is undeniably rough, I like the idea and will be developing it further. Â I also plan to develop another version of the "thin strips" approach you saw in prototype #1, but I like this one for a