Dyers' dreams | Tien Chiu's Blog
Yesterday I made a run to Dharma Trading Co in San Rafael, and bought eight yards of Kona cotton fabric plus six colors of Procion MX fiber-reactive dye, selected for their dischargeability. Â Then I came home and spent the day in the dyepots: Here are some closer views: And here is a closeup of the fuchsia-blue cloth - isn't it gorgeous? Now, just in case you thought the process was neat, here is a picture of my dye table: And here is a photo of a jar in process (fuchsia-blue from the looks of it): Finally, here are pix of two more works-in-progress: Not bad, considering I only got to spend four hours at the dyepots! Now, what next? Today I plan to: dye solid colors in purple and blue - very dark, dark, and medium shades add a complementary color to the mix - rust orange and bright orange, both solid and scrunch-dyed rinse out and screen print T-shirts discharge the screen printed T-shirts using bleach (dishwasher gel with bleach, to be exact - easier to control) mix up