And so it begins | Tien Chiu's Blog
Here is how I spent my evening: Closing isn't scheduled until April 19, and we probably won't move in until mid to late May, but hey, I figured I might as well get started. Â I'm always amazed by how many boxes it takes to move anything - that bookshelf in the back filled eight boxes and still isn't quite empty! Fortunately, the bulk of my prized possessions are already packed: That, m'dears, is 175+ lbs of yarn plus a few tubs of patterns, cloth, and miscellaneous surface design tools...stacked three giant tubs wide by five high, with a bit of space on the top for finished projects (Kodachrome is hiding in that unassuming white box) and giant cones of chenille. It will take some reprocessing, of course, to be able to actually close all those boxes, but that shouldn't take long. Â And, unlike the books, I've already culled the stash, so no need to go through them again. What I'm really not looking forward to is packing up the dye studio - which has tons of breakable glass jars, odd