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If you're a Caltech alum, odds are you've already heard about the Sturm und Drang currently going down on campus. Â (If you haven't, please drop me an email privately and I'll fill you in.) Â I won't go into the details, except to say that I, like most alums, would personally be VERY UNHAPPY if the Caltech administration were to make the drastic changes that seem to be being contemplated. Â Put succinctly, it would destroy all the things that brought me to Caltech, and would cut the heart out of what makes Caltech special, at least to me. But the controversy has been fascinating as a social technology phenomenon. Â In the 6 days since hell broke loose, students and alumni have started a wiki to gather facts about what happened, set up a daily newsletter to update all those interested on what's going on, and the Facebook page for discussions around the event has topped 1400 alumni. Â That doesn't sound too impressive until you realize that Caltech only graduates about 200 students per