A new trick in Illustrator | Tien Chiu's Blog
I just found a new Illustrator trick that makes pattern drafting sooooo much easier! The most laborious part of doing a pattern, particularly one with curves, was doing the seam allowances. Â Doing a parallel curve exactly 1/2" away was a pain in the butt, involving a lot of measuring, altering the curve, remeasuring, etc. Â It took nearly double the time of actually drafting the pattern. Then, this morning, as I was trying to fit more curves, I finally quit cursing and said, "There must be an easier way." Â So I typed three or four search words into Google, and 90 seconds later I had my answer: use Object -->Path --> Offset path, put in the width of your seam allowance, and presto! Â Illustrator generates the curve in an instant. I can't decide whether I'm a complete idiot (for not figuring it out earlier) or a genius (for having finally thought to Google it). Â I think I'll opt for "idiot genius". Â :-) Meanwhile, I have narrowed down my pile of "books to bring along" to seven