(Un)common sense | Tien Chiu's Blog
I was working on the coat muslin yesterday - designing the collar as I recall - and had to make a decision on how to draw part of the pattern. Immediately, I said to myself, "Oh, do it this way - that's just common sense." Then I realized that, six months ago, the same question would have sent me into conniptions of "Help, I don't know what to do!" Which just points up that common sense is hardly "common": it's wisdom that comes from experience and study. That which is common sense to an expert may mean hours of pondering and experimentation for the novice. I am pleased to note that I am starting to develop "common sense" for pattern drafting. Hooray! In muslin news: I was still mulling over the jacket fabrics as I drove up to see Sharon. I really loved the diamond pattern, but wasn't convinced it would work. Sharon thought it would work just fine, and after seeing myself pinned into the jacket muslin, with the diamond pattern draped over the jacket front, I agreed. In fact it