The good and the bad (but not ugly!) | Tien Chiu's Blog
I finished warping, tied on, and started weaving. Then I noticed that the warps weren't lined up properly (the first section was white, so it wasn't obvious initially). I sighed, cut off the five inches I'd woven, advanced the bouts so they did line up, and then re-tied on. (This was more laborious than you'd think since the warp was in three layers). I wove another three inches, and realized that this threading won't do. I had interspersed the bouts in wide stripes, hoping to make the stripes somewhat visible - this turned out to be a stupid thing to do because now the stripes dominate, giving a very rigid look. Which I should have known, and would have known if I'd simulated it in Photoshop first. *sigh* C'est la vie, I guess. Here are photos of the warp, showing the striping: Interestingly, the fabric looks quite different from the side and from the front - it has a beautiful iridescence to it, and a lovely glitter from the gold. All of which makes it that much