Rolling with it | Tien Chiu's Blog
I have been rethreading the loom for two days now. Attempting to rethread would be more like it; twice I've had to pull out a portion and rethread it, and am about to embark on my third rethreading. The problem is that I'm threading three layers of warp on three sets of lease sticks, and the gold threads in particular are very fine and easy to miss. Normally this isn't a problem but when I'm trying to find them on the bottom set of lease sticks with two other layers of warp in the way, well, it's easy to make mistakes. This is, of course, incredibly frustrating, and when confronted with the latest setback, I decided to roll with the universe's broad hint: do something else! So I have been working on my articles for Handwoven, prepping my talk for Monday (I'm speaking to the Silverado Weavers' Guild in Napa), and knitting up some blanks to paint for weft, should I ever manage to get this warp threaded! Working on the articles has been an interesting exercise. I wrote up the