Planning the next warp | Tien Chiu's Blog
After talking it over with Sharon and spending some time thinking through the possibilities, I believe I'm going to try for the gold "gauze" with the multicolored leaves floating on top. This requires drastic replanning of my next sample warp. I had originally planned it to be a white tencel warp, with a gold embroidery thread carried along with every fourth thread. Simple, no? But now the foreground contains the colored leaves, so the warp and weft colors will need to change for each leaf-section. Which means painting the warp and dyeing skeins for the weft, choosing colors for each leaf separately. The weave structure will need to change, too, since I want different woven patterns for each leaf. This means designing nine or ten different structures, one for each leaf. With the "risers and sinkers" structure I've created, that shouldn't be too difficult...assuming I remember how it works! But it is still nine or ten drafts I will need to create. Finally, I will need to