Now THIS is more like it! | Tien Chiu's Blog
I spent all day yesterday visiting with fiber artists: first a three-hour drive to Ukiah for lunch with Holly Brackmann, then a two-hour drive to Napa to the Silverado Weavers Guild, where I was giving the evening program. I didn't get home until well past bedtime, but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of visiting both Holly and the Napa guild. Holly had some amazing devore samples that she showed me, and also showed me some wonderful textiles from her world travels - it was fun chatting with her and I'd love to see her again. My presentation at the Silverado Weavers guild seemed to be well-received (it was about the creative process), and it was lovely meeting up with several people I'd been corresponding with. My one regret was that I didn't get to see Barbara Stafford's rugs. However, Mike and I are going back to Napa for our anniversary - yes, we are coming up on our first anniversary! doesn't time fly? - so perhaps we can stop in then. Anyway, back to weaving: I finally