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I've started thinking about color gradients in the top layer of fabric, and produced these two samples: I'm still debating which I like better. The green and brown emphasizes the leaves more, but is perhaps a little boring; the multicolored arrangement is much more lively, but starts to compete with the leaves (and possibly with the wearer?). To pull it off, I would have to use relatively low-chroma ("dull") colors, to make the leaves look brighter by contrast. The multicolor arrangement would also be a real pain in the butt to dye for. Each of those color transitions would probably require 20 or more shades to get the color transition smooth and unnoticeable; so now we're talking 80 colors just to get a smooth color transition. Which also means winding 80 pirns and changing colors roughly every 3/4" throughout a 60" panel. And doing that four times: twice for the front, and twice for the back of the garment. It's enough to make me contemplate an alternative, using a