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Peg, who has a talent for interesting questions, commented on my last blog post: Tien, is this to be a wall piece? My problem with the usual design books, is that designing a piece of fluid fabric that is to be worn has more complex design problems that, so far as I can see, the usual art design books do not address. The final product will not be a wall hanging, though I may produce one en route to the finished garment. And you are quite right - there are many more design considerations when creating a garment than are addressed in two-dimensional design books. (For one thing, the eye is naturally attracted to faces, so the eye always starts at the head of the wearer.) That said, I am currently designing and sampling as if it were a two-dimensional piece, because it allows me to identify and solve design issues that, while not identical, will be relevant to the design issues in the finished garment. The motion of the eye down the flat form will not be identical to the motion in a