First devore sample | Tien Chiu's Blog
I finished weaving the first sample with a painted warp and knitted blank yesterday. I love it! The striations in color don't bother me at all - they add interest and, because most of it is burned away, the visual impact will be significantly less post-devore. Here are two closeups - in the first the pattern (wavy diagonal stripes) is clearly visible, in the second it is subtle to invisible: I then laid out a pattern of leaves on the fabric, using freezer paper as a stencil and ironing it to the fabric: And I applied the devore solution and burned out the fabric: (The reason it looks ratty along the bottom left and bottom right edges is because I deliberately left some of the selvedges on in that section, to see if that produced a more stable fabric.) Here is a closeup: I like this! There are a number of obvious flaws that need correction - the stems disappeared, definition around the edges is poor, there are doubled threads in the gold warp, and so on - but leaves are