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I was unraveling a knitted blank this afternoon, cursing all the way, because either I'm knitting up the blanks wrong or 20/2 tencel is too weak to be used in knitted blanks. It tends to "catch" at the end of each row, and needs to be carefully unsnagged before proceeding. That makes for very slow winding of weft bobbins, and lots of knots in the weft. Very unpleasant and frustrating to work with. But unfortunately necessary, since I need a cellulose fiber for the burnout.... ...hey, waitaminnit! This is the background fabric! I don't have to use a cellulose fiber, because nothing gets burned out! Which means, of course, that I can toss the tencel to one side and go back to my mainstay, 30/2 silk. Which is much stronger, and less apt to break when unraveling knitted blanks. Woo hoo hoo! The next question is what to do with the warp currently on the loom. Thriftiness suggests that I weave it off, because it is beautiful, and I put a lot of work into knitting and dyeing