Lots of mistakes | Tien Chiu's Blog
Apparently I was trying to juggle too many things in my head while cutting out the fabric, because I made some major doozies while cutting out the fabric. The worst one was probably cutting both back pieces against the grain, so the order of the colored stripes is opposite that of the front! Well, at least they match each other, and there is enough going on in the rest of the jacket that I don't think it will be obvious. You'd have to be looking from the side and paying serious attention to make it out. I also mis-cut one of the facings, also a serious mistake that forced me to re-cut the piece. What with all the errors, I've got barely enough fabric, about two half-yard pieces after I cut the sleeves. Good thing I wove all that extra yardage! It's insurance against later incompetence. (Note to self: next time, make a checklist of all the things that need to be "just so", and follow it! Works for more things than flying airplanes.) Anyway, the pieces are all cut now (except the