Woven shibori wowza! | Tien Chiu's Blog
I finished weaving, tying, and dyeing today. And wowza! It's probably possible to make woven shibori ugly, but I haven't managed it so far. (Well, except the one time when the dyes didn't "take", but that was a dyeing issue, not a design one!) Because I tried out six different patterns, and wanted to show closeups of each, I decided to print out a small copy of the profile draft for the ties and photograph it with each sample. So I did, and here they are: I painted it with Polar Red and Lanaset Royal Blue dyes, blue on one side and Polar Red (fuchsia) on the other. What glorious shades of color!! (Not entirely surprising, though. I've done samples of virtually every two-color combination in the Lanasets, and selected those two colors because they produce a gorgeous purple. So this is not just good luck!) Anyway, how woven shibori works is starting to get clearer, but I need to sit down and really think about these samples (especially the failed attempts at