Tied up in woven shibori | Tien Chiu's Blog
I wove and dyed two more sets of samples today, which came out significantly better.  (That's code for "The samples are gorgeous!") I'm a bit frustrated, though, in that I still don't understand the "rules" of woven shibori - it's starting to become a little clearer, but it's still like trying to see through mud. But because pictures are much more fun than theory, here are a few photos: I think that the widely spaced ties produce more diffuse, softer effects than the closer-spaced ties. I think that the diamond motif is more pronounced with the more closely spaced ties, but it's hard to tell because of the irregularity of the dye job. Clearly I will have to get more consistent with my dye application before I can draw any concrete conclusions. :( Next time, I will apply the dye to both sides using a paintbrush, not a syringe; I think that will give me more control. Some notes on the dyeing: Sample #1 was dyed in an immersion dyebath using Lanaset Royal Blue 70%, Sun